Wine Services – Corporate

Corporate Packages

Other Fundraising or Corporate Events: Consultations and Education Fees

You choose the wine, or I choose it for you. Get educated and learn about what you are tasting, choosing the right wines and food and wine pairings. You provide the glasses, and I give you professional advice on the grape that makes the wine, what the wine is, how it’s made, how to taste wine, choose wines, and pair food with them!

10-30 people – $225 (approx 1.5 hours) 
31-60 people – $375 (approx 2.5 hours)
61-100 people – $500 (approx 2.5- 4 hrs)
101-150 people- $600 (approx 4-6 hrs)
each add’l over 150 @ $5 each
*A separate invoice will be issued for the wines

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