Mom & Merlot

My mom is a wonderful lady…I think a huge part of my love for entertaining and hospitality came from her. Growing up, we often had people over to the house for meals, and I remember many overnight guests from traveling singing groups.  Back when I was growing up, wine was never served, but it was not an essential component.  Being together, learning about people, and eating good home-grown fresh food certainly was though!

Since my adulthood, both my father and my mother have embraced wine, and will have the occasional glass with dinner, even receiving bottles as gifts!

Another thing you need to know about my mom is that she is brilliant…she’s taught English as a second language for as long as I can remember, and along the way, has picked up words and phrases in other languages of those that she teaches. Like my passion is wine, I would like to think that my mother has a passion for languages, and the people who speak them! Through the years, she developed a particular affinity for French, and has some good friends in Quebec with whom she will speak exclusively in French with.  And that reminds me…when I see her this summer, I will have to brush up on some of my pronunciations…Chateaux get complicated sometimes, and I could use a lesson or two!

The last time my parents were here, we had a chance to enjoy a fire outside in the backyard.  This is something my husband and I do on a regular basis, often with friends and/or family joining us.  It’s a great way for connection, and to often share a good glass of wine.  On this particular occasion, I poured my mom a glass of wine, and after several minutes and a few sips, she looked at me and said…”Is this a Mer-LOT?”  What could I do but giggle?  Here’s this brilliant woman, who speaks French almost fluently, and yet committed the classic faux pas of pronouncing Mer-LOH as Mer-LOT!! To her credit, she is not alone.  If one were to have never seen this word before, (and you are an English speaker) then suddenly encountered it, in all likelihood, would be pronounced exactly the same way!

When I saw this little cartoon, it reminded me of this story!  Hope you don’t mind me sharing mom!  You make me smile and I love you dearly!  Cheers!


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  1. Very enjoyable reading. Your mom sounds great! Cheers.

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