Thirsty Thirty-Something Thursday #12 – Canada

Oh Canada! Time to come home for this week’s edition of Thirsty.

Yes, I’ve been a bit stuck on Italy, but it’s time to come home and talk a bit about wine from my own backyard.  Specifically this wine.

50th parallel

Photo supplied by: J. Johnson, 2016

I love a good Pinot Noir. For me, when they’re good, they’re really good, and when they’re bad…well, they’re just bad. 50th Parallel Estate is located in the Lake Country Region, sitting on the shores of Lake Okanagan, between Kelowna and Vernon. Not only is it in a stunningly beautiful location, it’s in good company with Grey Monk Estate Winery, one of the first estates established in the Okanagan, right close by. Grant Stanley is the winemaker and coming from New Zealand originally, has worked passionately for making good Pinot Noir in both New Zealand and Oregon. He became drawn to the Okanagan and its high potential for quality Pinot Noirs, starting out at the prestigious Quail’s Gate Winery in Kelowna. He spent 10 years there before moving to 50th Parallel. I’ve met Grant personally and his passion is evident when discussing his wines.  His riesling and gewurztraminer are no slouches either. Very Alsatian in style.

50th parallell wineBack to the Pinot…

The 2013 50th Parallel Pinot Noir is unfined and unfiltered, it’s very natural, also fermented with natural yeasts, then aged in French oak for 12 months.  Aromas and flavours are atypical for Pinot, but that’s because of the terroir. Featuring more black fruit than red, there are undercurrents of spice and cocoa. It’s also higher in alcohol, and a slightly richer body, (due to the hot summer experienced in the Okanagan for that vintage) but the acidity was maintained and it is very well balanced! If someone offered it to me, I wouldn’t turn it down! On the shelf for $37.95.

And as we say in Canada…Chimo!

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