Superhero Wine – Here to Save the Day! (Part V – Black Widow)

May 5 is coming! As I’ve been away from this series for a while now, it’s time to get back to some superhero stuff! Superheroes and wine! What could be better?

theavengers_black_widow1Some of my supers were easy to blog about and choose wines for; others…not so much.  But along the way, I watched Iron Man 2, Captain America, Winter Soldier and The Avengers: Age of Ultron and I totally fell in love with Black Widow. Scarlett Johannson did an amazing job of this character, and this ninja was kicking ass and taking names! Love it! Now she’s back with Captain America: Civil War on May 5, 2016. That’s THIS Thursday in TWO sleeps! ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?? It helps that I have a 16 year old who’s totally in love with everything Captain America. Seriously, she gets annoyed as I’m whispering in her ear during the movie saying, “what’s happening?” But that said, she’s an incredible resource on superheroes in general!

Natalia_Romanova_(Earth-12131)_007Natasha Romanoff (Romanova), aka Black Widow, is part of both Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. She is human, but has superior high athletic abilities, enhanced pyschological defences, slowed ageing and an enhanced immune system. She fights with guns, her hands, her legs and her feet. It’s almost like she has a rubber body…Gosh, I’d like to be her! In all of the Avenger movies thus far,  Natasha always seems to be the voice of reason, the calm one, the one who is friends with all, and with whom all will listen to. Heck, she’s the only one who can calm the big green guy and get him back to being Bruce Banner. I am SO juiced for this movie and it looks like there might be some surprises in store for all of us!

So if Natasha were to sit down and relax, and have a glass of wine while she’s talking the other supers off of the ledge, (or AFTER she’s talked them off the ledge!) what would she drink? This is one powerful, strong woman, so it would have to be a wine that could stand up to her. And the fact that she is of Russian heritage tells me that this is a woman who would appreciate old-world wines. Maybe Bulls Blood from Eger in Hungary perhaps? Good old Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley that always pack a good punch? As I pondered this, and given my own love for Italian wines, there are a couple of grapes out there that are so big, bold, brash and bad ass that Natasha could totally be seen drinking these and, gasp…liking them!

Barolos from Serralunga would certainly fit the bill as they are as tough as nails until about 15 years old. Big tannins and high acid that are only tamed through time. Would Natasha drink a good Barolo?  Maybe, but I’m thinking even something bigger and more ninja, if you will.

Sagrantino is grown in Umbria, mostly from a place called Montefalco. Now this grape is Capraibold! Only Pignolo from Friuli Venezia Giulia rivals its tannins, and Natasha would probably drink that too. But for now, let’s say the Sagrantino suits her liking just fine! Ageability yes, but sometimes the tannins can be this wine’s downfall as they are absolutely relentless. Hmm. Seems to me Natasha can be relentless when she wants something too…it would make perfect sense that these two would get along just fine.

Arnaldo Caprai is a great producer of Sagrantino, and this wine is brilliant. Rich in colour with black fruit; black cherries and blackberry bramble, along with some earthy tones, hints of spice and herbal nuances, it leaves a mark on your palate, that’s for sure. We recently tasted the Collepiano 2009 here at the store in a formal tasting and sold every bottle! Yes, the tannins were big, but polished, and even drinkable at 7 years old. I can’t wait to see what this wine will do in 10 or 15 years! At $69.95 a bottle, folks seemingly didn’t mind the price tag. Besides…Natasha can afford it. I’m sure she makes a very good living working for the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Sagrantino…bold, powerful, and kinda even ninja…just like her.

P.S. My daughter and I hit this movie on Saturday!



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