Exploring Verdicchio: One of Italy’s Most Ageable White Grapes (Preview)

For September’s #ItalianFWT, we’ll be exploring this amazing white grape of the Marche region, one of the most beautiful regions on the Adriatic coast. In our previous episodes, we discovered Trebbiano di Soave from Veneto (Verdicchio this month) and Trebbiano di Lugana (or Turbiana) from Lombardia, the former two being genetically identical, whereas the latter is more correctly termed as a biotype. In any case, it has been fun, not to mention interesting, to look at these grapes and now to connect the dots with this third!

This is a wine that always has lees ageing for added texture and complexity. Some have a bit of oak ageing while others are completely in stainless steel. There’s Castelli dei Jesi Verdicchio (Classico/Superiore) the region closer to the sea and on the hillsides which gives pleasant floral and delicate fruit aromas in its youth, with more Riesling-like characteristics of flint, sponge toffee and even the kerosene with ageing. Verdicchio di Matelica which is grown higher into the mountains will have higher acidity, alcohol and body with a little more austerity.

Some of the beautiful seafood dishes (and there’s those olives!) prepared for me while on my first trip to Marche

Not only that, but Verdicchio makes stunning sparklers and even the odd passito wine. This gastronomic region is home to plenty of seafood dishes, gorgeous cheeses from sheep, goat or cow, truffles, egg pastas, not to mention the olive all’ascolana, olives stuffed with meat and bread, and then deep fried, a local dish from the Ascoli-Piceno area. If you’ve ever tried these, you know what I’m talking about!

Le Marche is one of the most stunning regions in all of Italy, and truly a hidden gem! From the beaches to the mountains, and the rolling hills in-between, there is so much to discover in this amazingly beautiful region! So, come with me virtually on a food and Verdicchio wine adventure to Le Marche! Please post your title in the event page on Facebook, or email me your title with your blog URL to joyofwine69@gmail.com by August 29 if possible. Posts should be live by Friday, September 3 and then you can be a part of our Twitter chat on Saturday, September 4!

Enjoy the land of Marche!

From the mountains… (Le Marche 2016)

to the sea! (Le Marche 2016)


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