Quarantine: 14 days of Isolation Wines- Day One

Here we are. I’m not the first person to be blogging about COVID-19 in some capacity, and I certainly won’t be the last. Many of us have a lot of time on our hands these days, so writing and now especially reading what everyone has to say, is something we can keep on top of.

Many of the things I enjoy in life have come to a screeching halt, the latest being the 2020 Olympics in Japan. They are postponed until who knows when. My beloved football may not even have a chance to even start their season, which makes me even more sad. I was to go to Italy for Vinitaly next month, which has since been postponed until June, but I have a feeling that will not be happening at all, and it really shouldn’t. That is difficult for me to say, but that is the truth.

Today, I’m off work and I’ve already gone to Costco once, but will need to return because I wasn’t dressed warmly enough to stand outside in the lineup to wait to get in. Yes, I live in Canada, and although the calendar tells me it is now officially Spring, there are mountains of snow still on my front and back yards and today the wind has a little too much nip in the air to stand outside in just a hoodie.

I work in wine retail. Our store is still open amid all this, because maybe, just maybe, we are deemed an essential service? LOL! I live in an area where all wine stores are privatized, so the government has no jurisdiction to close us down. The government could however, stop distribution, which then we would just sell whatever is on our shelves without knowing when we could get more product. All that to say, the hours of the store have been reduced, but I am still working. Needless to say, online orders have spiked, since we can deliver anywhere in Alberta. Surprising? No, not really. If you have to stay home for 14 days, you’ll need the nightly dose of resveratrol, right? As a reminder to those who don’t know, resveratrol is the antioxidant compound (that is said to be good for your heart) found in the skin of red grapes, therefore red wine has it, but not white wine, as it’s only the juice that is fermented in this case. Let’s be clear though: moderation is always the key. As tempting as it is to open bottle after bottle of wine whilst in isolation, I encourage you  NOT to do that.

I’ve curated a list of wines that for me, would be ideal candidates for an isolation/quarantine period. If you have some of them already squirelled away, maybe now is the time to take them out, pop that cork and tell me about them! Or, if you have the ability to get the wines delivered to you, why not do it? Now is the time and you may not have the opportunity again! Let’s just say that if I DO have to quarantine, or be self-isolated or be at home, these are the wines I would choose to open and drink!

Day 1: Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne – Burgundy is certainly not well known for the bubbly side of things, with the Champagne region just three hours or so drive away, but bubblies made in any other places other than Champagne can provide similar taste profiles for a fraction of the cost. We call them Crémant, and this cave has some special bottles indeed. For around 20 bucks CAD, you can enjoy either the brut, or the rosé brut. The rosé happens to be my personal favourite with the addition of gamay. Flavours of strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and tangerine! Just gorgeous! (Another reason why bubblies are affordable in other regions: They don’t have to just stick with the traditional Champagne grapes of pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier.) Hint: These are fabulous on their own, but the rosé kicks up your mimosa exponentially!

Champagne may be what you prefer, but now with money (perhaps) being a bit tight, try Crémant! Made the same way with that second fermentation in the bottle but with just as much deliciousness!! Sante!


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2 Responses to Quarantine: 14 days of Isolation Wines- Day One

  1. Winedaddy59 says:

    I see that the Ontario government has also declared wine-beer-liquor shops and producers and part of the essential services group… this bodes well for any direction that may be taken by Premier Kenney and the Alberta government.

  2. Winedaddy59 says:

    Actually, given the state of emergency declared, the government DOES have the jurisdiction to close any businesses down that they deem as not an essential service. Hopefully, if the Alberta government chooses to mandate the closing of non-essential retail stores, all wine stores will be deemed as essential such as the province of Quebec decided. These are strange days, cheers!

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