Quarantine: 14 Days of Isolation Wines – Day Eight

For all you Riesling lovers, this post is for you today! We cannot possibly go through 14 days of isolation and not talk about Riesling at least once!

My friend Andreas Bender was in town recently, just before everything started to get really crazy and things started shutting down. He tossed aside his loathing for Pinot Gris and made a really cool wine with a blend of Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder, and called it ‘Pinot’, (my first time trying it). But of course, his favourite variety is Riesling (when you’re German, you don’t really have a choice!) and when this wine was first introduced to me, I really wanted to NOT like it. Why? The label was too whimsical and not serious enough for a riesling! But in the end, his talent as a winemaker won me over and the “I Love Mosel” riesling is a beautiful Riesling with incredible balance between the sugars and the acidity. So much so that it doesn’t even feel sweet. The tattoo on the bottle features the Mosel River underneath the heart on the bicep muscle and the wooden boxes are indicative of the boxes used to store the bottles. It’s not just a pretty label – it actually means something!

Expect to find pure freshness with tropical flavours, honeysuckle and lime notes, along with that zesty, searing acidity so beautiful in riesling wine.  I cannot tell you how fresh this wine is, it’s so freaking good! You really are drinking the Mosel when you have this wine and I love that this incurs that ‘sense of place’ that we all seem to be looking for in our wines these days!

We might be getting a little spicy with each other after eight days in isolation, so order some sushi or Thai food to pair with your little riesling! Prost!


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1 Response to Quarantine: 14 Days of Isolation Wines – Day Eight

  1. outwines says:

    I’m not usually a sucker for a wine label – but that’s a fun one!

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