What I Was Born To Do

Saturday night, Joy of Wine had its inaugural first tasting event. Can you say excitement? Yeah…to say I was excited was a gross understatement.  My Soapbox Derby Car has left the starting line!

A modified tasting of four wines…2 white and 2 red, with questions asked and answered and keen desires to “do this again”.


Getting the table set up


The ladies are ready to taste!

And I came to my day job with a renewed hope that this is indeed what I’m supposed to be doing…and a greater hope that this, my retirement plan, might come sooner than actual retirement!  Not only that, but the hostess’ mother…is my supervisor at my day job, and she told me how excited the ladies were to have done this, and “let’s do it again!”

2 reds, 2 whites:  the Kruger-Rumpf Riesling offered a burst of sweet mouth-watering acidity, while the Sterling Chardonnay offered soft butter and a full mouth feel.  Enter the reds, with the Red Diamond Merlot lending sumptuous cherry and baking spice yumminess, while the inky darkness of the Zolo Malbec filled the mouth with black pepper and cassis.  They asked questions, I gave information, I educated.  It. Was. Awesome.

Pretty sure that THIS…..is what I was born to do.

And I dare you to book one!  You might even have fun!  Joy of Wine is on the move…send me an email! Book your wine tasting today!

The lovely Camille - my wonderful hostess!

The lovely Camille – my wonderful hostess!

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2 Responses to What I Was Born To Do

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  2. Veronica says:

    So happy to hear it went great, which was never a doubt!! Nor is it a doubt that this is exactly what you should be doing – something you love!!!

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