Prosecco, 2017 Goals and Sparkling Wine – not necessarily in that order…

As many of us are preparing for a celebration to ring in the New Year tomorrow night, we all have our “drink of choice” to celebrate the occasion. Right now, there are thousands of bloggers writing in detail about different types of bubbles and what they will sabre for the big ball drop. I think I’ll be in bed before that happens, then wake up to a new year on my calendar on Sunday, and I’m ok with that!

I’ve never been a ‘resolution‘ kind of a person, rather more goal-oriented. I think it’s important to set some goals for the year, then see where you end up when it’s all said and done. The thing about goals is they need to be fluid. If one makes them rigid, prepare for massive disappointment. True story…been there done that!

So what are some of my goals for 2017? Well, it’s simple really…

  1. Read Native Wine Grapes of Italy…again.
  2. Study Native Wine Grapes of Italy…again, in preparation for the Italian Wine Expert Exam.
  3. PASS above exam.
  4. Post the passing result of my WSET Level IV Diploma in February (thinking good thoughts on this that my essay re-write was nothing but a success!)
  5. Take my daughter to Italy for her graduation.
  6. Taste more wine.
  7. Drink some good wine (because life is too short to drink crappy wine…)
  8. Learn to speak Italian.
  9. Travel more.
  10. Take my husband to Italy.
  11. Quality time with my family…immediate and extended.
  12. Celebrate life.

prosecco-1Simple right? (Yes, there’s an Italian theme in there, I know. It just means more trips to Italy, and I’m ok with that too!) In the meantime while you all crack and sabre your various Champagnes, Crémants, Sekts, Cavas and other Sparklers, I will indulge in some simple Prosecco and I may even spoil myself with an Aperol Spritz or two, especially with THESE beauties! Made with the Glera grape, my choices for the evening will be a DOC Treviso Le Contesse with crisp minerally acidity and clean finish; the classic peachy DOCG Valdobbiadene Ruggeri that is stunning on its own and makes a helluva Spritz, or if you really want to step up your game, DUBL sparkling Falanghina, that has orange creamsicle flavours anyway, so it REALLY enhances those Spritz flavours!

It doesn’t have to be New Years to open a bottle of bubbly, because isn’t anytime a good time for bubbles or Spritz!?

Felice Anno Nuovo e Salute!

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2 Responses to Prosecco, 2017 Goals and Sparkling Wine – not necessarily in that order…

  1. An Italian themed 2017! 🙂 All the best for it

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