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Today is My birthday…

Today I am 45… Do I look like I’m 45?  Some days, I look older, but I think I can safely say, most think I’m in my late 30’s and I’m ok with that! (Yay!) Not long ago, I got a … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Giant

We often hear this term in passing, but really, what does it mean?  It always has me curious and when I think of the term, I start to see giants in my head! When one thinks of a giant, do we … Continue reading

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Hmm…yeah…Petrus.  A name synonymous with quality and distinction. Oh yes, and money….Personally, I’ve never tried a Petrus, although I’d have to say it’s definitely on my bucket list. Looks good doesn’t it?  Yes, I’ve touched this bottle. Quite often actually! … Continue reading


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